We currently have two models available, let us know which one best fits your needs.

Model S-10 (small)

Very dependable - economical - easy to clean - Holds up to 150 lbs. of meat in any one cooking. Not only does it cook your favorite hams - turkeys - steaks - pork chops - chicken - but baked potatoes - corn on the cob - all your vegetables in pans for buffets - cafeterias - or steam tables - can be used as a food warmer - Won't dry foods out but will keep them piping hot - also has - "Genuine Hickory Smoker" for Bar-B-Q hams - ribs - shoulders.
12 - 12-14lb shoulders in 6 hours
10 - 14-16lb hams in 8 hours
15 - (3-Down) Ribs in 1.5 hours
40 - Bar-B-Q Chicken halves in 1.5 hours
10 - 9" pies in 25 minutes
25 - steaks in 10 minutes


Model S-20 (large)

Reduces meat shrinkage by 20% over any method you're using now- turns out volume with no labor - cooks up to 350 pounds of meat in any one cooking - Why tie up money and space in equipment - when our unit will do the job!!
25 - 12-14lb shoulders or hams in 6 hours
40 - 6-8lb Boston Butts in 4 hours
1 - 300lb roast beef in 5 hours
35 - (3-Down) Bar-B-Q ribs in 1.5 hours
60 - 5lb Meat Loaves
200 - Baked potatoes
60 - steaks or pork chops

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